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oxygen.jpgOn-Board Oxygen High Altitude

Inka Express offers comfortable, contemporary oxygenated cabin so you can travel to higher altitudes. At higher altitudes, the pressure of the air around you (barometric pressure) decreases so there is less oxygen in surrounding air. At high altitudes the body must make some adjustments, and this takes time. If you ascend to altitudes above 2400 meters above sea level, you will be in danger of developing uncomfortable symptoms from the change in altitude.


Electrical Outlets

Electrical Outlets

Have you experienced a low battery warning when traveling? Have you ever wanted to charge something when riding? Cellular phone? Laptop? PDA? InkaExpress Bus offers electrical outlets as a standard offering on all of our buses. We make every effort to provide power outlets on all buses. If service is not available we will not issue a credit.


More Departure Times

More Departure Times

The courtesy and professionalism of our drivers is matched by their concern for your comfort and safety. They are experienced, and committed to providing you with safe, reliable bus service.



Professional Drivers

Professional Drivers

You'll also appreciate our deluxe, clean, modern buses; clean restrooms; luggage assistance; convenient parking and pick-up locations; safe, courteous service; on-time dependability - all at some of the lowest fares in the business. You simply won't find a better bus coach travel bargain than us.


Convenient Locations Between Cities

InkaExpress Bus knows you have a choice when it comes to selecting a transportation service provider for trips to Cusco, Puno and Nazca. To avoid congestion, InkaExpress Bus offers convenient locations in Lima, Puno and Nazca. In Cusco City, the InkaExpress Bus location is convenient and close to the airport.

Customer Commitment

InkaExpress Bus is dedicated to our customer's satisfaction and safety, which is what sets our company apart. InkaExpress Bus' fleet and management experience results in a greater ability to provide our clients with the flawless service they demand for their travel needs.

Travel Costs: InkaExpress Bus Solutions

Regular fares are $65 each way. With $130 round trip ticket fares, InkaExpress Bus offers a cost-effective solution to combat rising travel costs. Why ride a boring train or fly when InkaExpress Bus makes it fun.

Our VIP Services:

  • Luxurious Seats
  • Clean Restrooms
  • On-Time Departures
  • 2-Bag Luggage Allowance
  • Professional and Friendly Drivers